• Polarisers for Red RxMulti3D glasses

Polarisers in red lens holders for RxMulti3D glasses with polarisers for use in RealD, MasterImage 3D, passive 3DTVs, Linear 3D and/or Sunglasses. They all feature tough rigid polarisers.

For MasterImage 3D and passive 3DTVs, select RealD polarisers.

There are two different types of linearly polarised 3D glasses, the orientation of the polarisers differ. One uses them set vertically and horizontally (0°/90°) or diagonally (45°/135°). Please ensure that you get the correct ones otherwise they will not work. Below is a list of cinemas which use linear polarisers that we know of, although we do not guarantee its accuracy.

Table of 3D cinemas using linear polarisers



Cineworld 3D cinemas

National Space Centre, Leicester

Empire 3D cinemas

Science Museum, London

Odeon 3D cinemas

Pathé Spuimarkt Cinemas


If the 3D cinema is not listed above, contact us and we will endeavour to find out for you. Note: The 3D glasses do not work with the new laser 3D cinemas and the BFI Imax changed to using circular polarisers on 11th Nov 2022, so you will need RealD glasses.

The TVs that the RealD polarisers will work with include the following 3DTVs:


C32109DVB C37109DVB C42109DVB C42116F3DIPTVT2 C47111DVB C47111DVB


F7010 F702 F7020-D F7020-T F703 F7030 H7020-D S7010 S7080 S7090-T S9080-T S9090-T S9100-T


Sold as "Cinema 3D". There passive 3DTVs include:

EM970V LA620V LA640V LA641V LA660V LA690V LA740V LA790W LA860W LA960W LD920 LM3400 LM611T LM615T LM6200 LM620T LM640T LM645T LM660T LM669T LM6700 LM670T LM7600 LM760T LM860V LM960V LW450U LW5300 LW540U LW550T LW5600 LW5700 LW6500 LW650T LW9800 LW980T PH660V PH670V PM470T PM670T PM680T PM970T PZ850


LCD3214 LCD4214 LED3701 LED4201


Sold as Smart VIERA TV Passive 3D TVs

TX-42AS650B TX-42AS740B TX-47AS650B TX-47AS740B TX-47AS802B TX-50AS650B TX-55AS650B TX-55AS740B TX-55AS802B TX-55AX902B TX-60AS650B TX- 60AS802B TX-65AX902B TX-65CX410B TX-L32ET5B TX-L37ET5B TX-L42DT65B TX-L42ET5B TX-L42ET60B TX-L42ET61B TX-L42FT60B TX-L47DT65B TX-L47ET5B TX-L47ET60B TX-L47ET61B TX-L47FT60B TX-L47WT65B TX-L50ET60B TX-L55DT65B TX-L55ET5B TX-L55ET60B TX-L55ET61B TX-L55WT65B TX-L60DT65B TX-L60ET5B


Sold as "Easy 3D". Some of these compatible TVs include:

PDL6907H/12 PDL6907T/12 PDL7906H/12 PDL7906K/02 PDL7906M/08 PDL7906T/12 PFL4307T/12 PFL5008T/12 PFL5008T/12 PFL5008T/12 PFL5008T/12 PFL6007T/12 PFL6008S/12 PFL6008S/12 PFL6008S/12 PFL6008S/12 PFL6097T/12 PFL6188S/12 PFL7008S/12 PFL7008S/12 PFL7008S/12 PFL7108S/12 PFL7606T/12 PFL7656T/12 PFL7666T/12 PFL7676T/12 PFL7696H/12 PFL7956T/12 PFL9708S/12 PFT6309/12 PFT6309/12


KD-49X8505B KD-55X8505B KD-65X8505B KD-79X9005B KDL-42W805A KDL-42W815B KDL-42W829B KDL-43W800A KDL-47W805A KDL-55W800A KDL-55W805A KDL-55W955B KDL-65W955B XBR-84X900


L7300U L7453DB L7453DG VL863B VL963B WL968B


Sold as Theatre 3D TV

3D650SV E3D320VX E3D320VX E3D420VX E3D470VX E420D-A0 E500D-A0 E551D-A0 M3D420SR M3D460SR M3D470KD M3D470KD M3D470KDE M3D550KD M3D550KDE M3D550SL M3D550SR M3D651SV XVT3D580CM


The polarisers also work at Brooklands Museum.

Polariser collection consists of a set of 3D or 2D polarisers for RealD, linear (0°/90° and 45°/135°) and sunglasses. Four pairs of polarisers for the price of three.

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Polarisers for Red RxMulti3D glasses

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